iScorecast - keeping up with Team Xtreme

Posted by Xtreme on Mar 10 2017 at 09:49PM PST

UPDATE 3/11/17 – – is where you can find play by play and updates for the games
Also – our iScore ID is – 6366D4A019 – This is used in the apps identified below and is case sensitive.

For the games we will have an iPad using iScore with iScorecast enabled to keep the score and stats of the games. This will also allow others to view the game updates too. Notes below -

here is the iPad and iPhone app for viewing score caster – iScore Central – Live Game Viewer by Sports Illustrated Play LLC

Android –


Do you have family and friends from out of town or around the world who would love to be at the game. With i-Scorecast they can feel like they are really there. Viewers will be able to log into the Scorecast Viewer to watch live updates as they happen.

With the iScore Central app, you can also now watch live iScorecasts of your favorite young sports star’s games, directly from a native app on your mobile device. (Additional charges may apply.)

Have you ever been at a game and heard the people around you relaying the game information to people on the phone? Now scorekeepers can even send email links to any potential scorecast viewers directly from the scoring screen during a game.

Scorecasts can be viewed from any device by downloading the iScore Central app, or by going to iScore TV to find a live game or by going to and typing in the scorekeeper’s customer ID.


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